Ebenezer Bible College and Seminary, Inc. (EBCS) applies both formal and practical life-to-life teaching-learning approaches as exemplified by the servant-leader Himself, Jesus Christ. We nurture an environment that enriches the holistic development of the knowledge (head), character (heart), and skills (hands) of our learners who will serve as agents of change in the society.

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About Ebenezer

A Theological Institution of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Churches of the Philippines (CAMACOP)that exists to glorify God by fulfilling the Great Commission through training programs that equip individuals to lead and/or reach the society for Christ in the Local Community, Academe, Corporate and Government Agencies, Church, and Outland/People Groups;


EBCS envisions a growing network of Christ-transformed servant leaders fulfilling the Great Commission.


The mission of EBCS is to develop servant leaders as catalysts of Christ in the society.

Ebenezer History

A History of Excellence


Rev. and Mrs. David O. Lund established Ebenezer Bible College and Seminary that started as two Chirstian day schools known as Ebenezer School for Girls and Ebenezer School for Boys, the second of which were then established by Rev. John A. McMillan in 1920.


The head of the C&MA South China field, Rev. Robert A. Jaffray, traveled to the Philippines among others, to recommend the establishment of a Bible School that trains national pastors to enlarge the gospel work in the C&MA area of responsibility in the south-western part of Mindanao.

A year after, Rev. Joseph D. Williams was tasked to lead and organize the training of 13 Filipino pastors and deaconesses, which was followed through by Rev. McMillan.

Then in 1926, the two Ebenezer schools merged to become Ebenezer Bible Institute with Rev. George D. Strohm as the first principal.


During this year, the first ever Filipino Principal, Rev. Vicente R. Pada, received the leadership and management of the school and served for 2 decades.

The Mission Conference, National Church Conference, and the Survey Team of Philippine theological schools recommended that the name of the school should be changed. In 1962, the Ebenezer School Board changed the name of the school to Ebenezer Bible College.


EBCS was granted recognition by the Philippine Commission on Higher Education (CHED). Dr. Joel A. Caperig became its President in 2005 and served until 2012.


Rev. Roland Don S. Dulaca succeeded as president until 2017. Now,
Rev. Richard C. Rojas is our current president. EBCS has produced over a thousand graduates serving God and people in different fields around the globe. EBCS has supplied churches and organizations here and abroad with competent, confident, and credible Christian leaders. They serve as pastors, cross-cultural workers, bible school instructors, evangelists, church planters, basic education teachers, youth leaders, music ministers, and denominational leaders.

EBCS has produced over a thousand graduates and supplied churches and organizations around the globe,
all for the glory of God