Frazer Hall

The College academic building. The center of learning and course interaction of students and faculty. This building also has an assembly hall and an audio-visual room for the Early Childhood Education program.

Central Park

Social, interaction, and receiving area of the whole campus. Important relationships were built here for decades and continue to this day.

Baladjay Hall

The school library and home to approximately 20,000 volumes of books. A growing collection of books or other written or printed materials serves as resources for the training of the students.

Convention Center

Basic Education and College sports and recreation activity center. Can sit 300 people for major school events, programs, and celebrations.


Focal to the spiritual formation for both the school and the Ebenezer community. Sunday services, important Christian programs, and events are held here regularly.

Ebenezer Beach

Continues to provide the most beautiful and scenic view for the student, residents, and visitors of Ebenezer. Open for swimming and picnics


Where life, discipleship, and discipline happen. Homes of many alumni and CAMACOP leaders. Today, it continues to serve college students in their school and spiritual life endeavor. Life-to-life experience in a care group transpires inside every room.


A well-equipped clinic for all health and medical crises of the college department. Consist of rooms where we can accommodate a medical emergency that requires quarantine.